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Somewhere at the crossroads of ecology, the body, and self determination lies my art practice.

Spanning material and context, I create opportunities to know ourselves, deepening our relationships, offering new possibilities for connection. I believe healing can arise from this process of coming together, of connection and inquiry. My work is oriented around practices, including: listening to and formulating plants for clients, holding space for curiosity about plants and ourselves, casting bodies as rituals of release and reclamation, interviewing people and imbuing their stories with objecthood, hearing/ querying my relationship to my own body, and growing plants and making them into medicines. It is a slow and much of the art belongs there in the making; the final products are concluding paragraphs to more complicated and beautiful processes.

This site is under construction
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For now, you can reach me at:

or (415)870-1332

Love, Madalyn